Ms. A.

Family Law Attorney -

I became acquainted with this Firm through Thumbtack. I was able to get in to meet with the staff quickly, and I thought it was amazing that this was the first Law Firm to actually inform me about Rule 11. Because, my situation was quite complex the Firm allowed me to assist with my Case as much as possible, which then made it affordable for me to meet the Financial Responsibility for the cost of their services !!!! In addition, there was a misunderstanding and lack of communication via in error. The Firms Owner/ Managing Partners Spouse jumped right in after being away from the office, due to a medical procedure and personally cleared all misunderstandings and things moved along very quickly, after that point. Being from the East Coast I'm use to a very detailed process when conducting business. Colorado tends to be very laid back in all areas, so it was very refreshing to be greeted via the phone with such a beautiful smile and sincere apology!!! This is the FIRM YOU WANT!!! Don't sleep on this review, make sure you meet for st least one consultation, before you make a decision regarding any other representation!!!! Sincerely, A Carter

Mar 22, 2018


– Ms. A.