re mandatory vaccinations pending in your life?

Posted by Randy Corporon | Jun 08, 2021 | 0 Comments

Mandatory vaccinations are beginning to pop up everywhere!

  • In Schools, colleges and Universities

  • In corporations

  • In government

We believe that these requirements are unlawful and lacking in authority.

First of all, the Covid-19 "Vaccines" are not vaccines in the medical sense of the word.  They do not prevent the CCV disease, nor do they stop it's spread.

They have not been approved by the FDA, nor the WHO, but are for "Emergency" use only.

They are classified as Experimental drugs.

They have many, many side effects that are being actively suppressed in the American Press .

There is a small, although real, chance it will result in your death.

In Israel, the vaccines killed more people than died of Covid.

Blood clots, deafness, blindness, Bells Palsy, and many more are reported side effects.

Risk of Autoimmune disease.

Risk of lifelong infertility.

Pathogenic priming antibody-dependent enhancement.

Masks and social distancing still required!

Untested, untried technology, makers have no legal liability!

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